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We are a young and flexible work team, with architects with international experience in various sectors thanks to their technical and linguistic skills, mastering at least three languages. Our office is dedicated to the preparation and realization of unique architectural projects, each one of them developed by our customized creative process and methodology, where the whole team is involved.

Arquid & Group-IPS

The collaboration between Arquid and Group IPS is a perfect synergy that contributes to working with a wide variety of clients and projects of different scales, implementing the latest technology. 

Over the years, this combination of conceptual (architecture) and analytical (engineering) thinking has enriched both parts, allowing Arquid to offer a high quality architectural product using an exhaustive method of "Project Management" as added value.

Our projects are the result of a careful bond that makes each job something unique: a process of doubt and experimentation within a laboratory that covers any need that may arise during the process.

Arquid manages to reinvent himself at a time when change is essential.

Hall of fame

Juan Juárez

Managing Partner - Arquid SLP

International Business Unit - Architecture - Group IPS

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BegoÑa Soto

Managing Partner - Arquid SLP

International Business Unit - Buildings - Group IPS

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Juan Sánchez

Managing Partner - Arquid SLP

Chief Executive Officer - Group IPS

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  • Laura Cestau

  • Miguel Menéndez

  • Lucas Soto

  • Cristina Rubio

  • Natalia Martínez

  • Itziar Echebarrieta

  • Felipe Langa

  • Maximiliano Martín

  • Carlota Galán

  • Daniel Guerra

  • Noelia Moral 

  • Juan José Cobo

  • Regina Valle 

  • Carlos Aguirre

  • Ana Alirangues 

  • Pilar García

  • Berta Cabañas

  • Cristina Puerta

  • Sergio Ramos

  • Olga Quintana 

  • M. Elena Trujillo

  • Juan Manuel Sánchez

  • Ana M. Trujillo

  • Jose M. Soto

  • G Estudios Multimedia

  • Miguel Laporta

  • Jose Luis Noarbe