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Comprehensive renovation of 8,000 m2 of offices and common spaces such as outdoor areas and lobbies in a FL building located in Berlin. The main objective is to generate flexible spaces that can be used torent by different companies.

Project ManagementIPS Spain
Interior DesignArquid
Lighting & ElectricityFaro, Lunoo, RZB, Rutec, Brumberg
FinishesAgrobbuchtal, Porcelanosa, Knauf
DoorsSchörghuber, FSB



Finding the perfect balance between flexibility, sustainability, and contemporary aesthetics posed the primary challenge for this project. It was crucial to create a design that not only adhered to the client's corporate guidelines, but also catered to the evolving needs of a post-pandemic era. The project is conceived as a renovation of the existing space, following a sustainable and circular design and methodology. Rules are created to generate a modulated fixed structure, which will give way to an interior distribution adaptable to the needs of the tenant at all times. 

These interventions are pursued from a sustainable point of view. BREEAM certification has been achieved through renewable energy solutions and the incorporation of environmentally friendly practices.



The aim of the project is to create a standarization of the interior refurbishments that happen every time the tenants rotate. This way, FL corporate identity can be acknowledged, and the renovations take place in a smoother, easier manner.


The standarization modernizes the spaces by adding new, high quality finishes, as well as improved utilities to make the building more efficient and sustainable. 
These new configurations and elements provide the offices with homogeneity and give a common identity to the company that owns the buildings.


The creation of spatial hiararchies is another of the identity elements implemented for this project. This is carried out through materiality, colours and lighting.





Thoughtfully incorporated with new design elements and configurations, the office spaces now encourage a sense of unity and proudly reflect the company's identity and ownership of the building. The user experience has been enhanced through a well-planned STRUCTURED layout, resulting in a seamless flow throughout the space. 


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