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King Kong is the proposal made for Evergrain. The innovative company uses sustainable ingredients to generate a process of reusing barley, generating highly nutritious foods. The project offers a solution to host the different industrial processes that will occur inside while maintaining a conversation with the elements that surround it, integrating into its environment.

Project ManagementGroup IPS
Architecture and Interior DesignArquid



The challenge is providing a building that serves as a skin for the true protagonist: the machinery capable of carrying out such a process. The process of transforming the remains of barley into a revolutionary ingredient to provide properties to different drinks as demanded by the new social requirements. From that moment on, the project is understood as a tailor-made suit for the revolutionary technology that it had to accommodate.  A house that surrounds, protects and brings usability to this steel organism that inspires, exhales, sounds and radiates.


Around this curious host a volume is defined that restricts the performance. A concrete cube that shows the structural fabric in a sincere and unpretentious way.

Padded on the outside and at the same time smooth on the inside to facilitate the purity and continuation of the surfaces to ensure the level of hygiene and neatness that every food production process must ensure.

Between this rigid volume and the complex machinery that extends through its interior, there are permeable metal mesh platforms, ensuring a set of levels that allow access to all levels of the process.




In this way, the project is presented in the sea of Jupille industrial buildings as a raw concrete cube, from which only a metal arm extends to connect with the historic factory. 
A cube that projects its interior to the exterior in a translucent way. A smooth skin inside that maintains the connection between the different levels. A coat that houses a powerful creature inside.

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