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This spacious home pours towards the luminous Calle Luchana, completely reorganizing the rooms scheme and updating the spaces to anticipate both present and future uses.

ContractorMinher Construcciones
CollaboratorsAitana San José
Wooden floorsDetarima
Ceramic finishesAzulejos Peña



Luchana is a renovation project distributed in a cloverleaf shape articulated by the main hallway as the nucleus, around which the rest of the rooms are layed out, such as the day area and the night area. the layout is strongly marked by the living room which is connected to the kitchen and study areas as well as the main hallway and entrance hallway, which give access to the bedrooms.


The main focus is that the living room, kitchen and study areas are understood as a single space, connected to each other creating a natural flow on the inside and getting in touch with the outside through a perimeter hallway.
A complete rethinking of a historic home to embrace contemporaneity and the complexity of the multiple uses that occur over time.


For the kitchen, as a part of the living room, neutral tones are chosen which evoke noble materials used in the rest of the house as well. A strategy used for uniting the three day rooms into one and also to speak with the exterior surroundings and the facade.

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