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Renovation of a 400m2 office space located on the 31st floor of the Picasso Tower in Madrid, with the aim of housing three independent apartments, but intended to share meeting and open spaces.


Interior DesignArquid
Civil contractorIC10



Throughout the development of the project, special moments of cooperation with clients always arise when they witness the transformation of their visions into reality. Collaborative discussions and customer feedback play an important role in refining the design to suit your preferences and requirements.


The main concept is the symbolism of the crossroads. Inspired by ancient times, when they served as valuable meeting points for people to exchange ideas and information, the design takes advantage of this notion to create a central meeting point within the office. This crossroads separates and at the same time connects the three departments, and it is at this intersection where the reception and the main meeting spaces are located.

The strategic location of the meeting spaces at the intersection offers a privileged view of two emblematic places in Madrid: the bustling Avenida de la Castellana and the emblematic Santiago Bernabéu stadium. This panoramic view not only adds aesthetic appeal to the workspace but also inspires and energizes employees.

At the far end of the junction, a vibrant and diverse dining area has been set up. This space is designed to be a happy and relaxing area, with bright colors, varied furniture and leisure elements such as a ping pong table and a swing. The dining room acts as a social center, encouraging informal gatherings and a sense of community among employees.


The design strategically employs a combination of materials and geometric elements to create the ideal work environment. In the hallways and meeting rooms, wooden elements have been incorporated that give warmth and naturalness to these spaces. On the contrary, white surfaces are used in offices, which create a clean and professional environment. Subtle curves integrated throughout the design improve circulation between areas, ensuring comfort and facilitating fluid navigation.

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